Door Repair

Door Repairs

I Love doing door repairs for my customers. At Home  Repairs. Vegas, our handymen are the professionals you can count on and trust to get the door repairs done right the first time. We repair broken door jambs, weather seals and adjustments to your doors, and windows. That’s not all we do, we can fix or replace just about any part of your home.

Door Jamb Replaced

The most common a door repair I see is a kicked in jamb or just nicked as well as gouged as a result of door jamb leg repairrelocating furniture.  And that will certainly need to be fixed quickly for your security and peace of mind. This is a basic home repair. To learn how to do it yourself, click here. If you want to, it requires a few woodworking abilities and a little understanding.  If you do not have the time to do it yourself or just want to hire me Grate! I’d be happy to take care of that for you. Call now to schedule that door repair now!

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Weather Seals Replaced, Door Sweep and Door Ajustments

The door sweep replacement is probably the most neglected entry door part that needs to be replaced as often as the weather seals. Most of the time the door will have to be removed to replace the door sweep. If this the kinda door repairs you like doing my hats off to ya for attempting this moderate level of difficulty task for you as the DIY.

As already stated above we love doing your door repairs, door adjustments and door sweep replacements. You don’t have to overwhelmed or stressed attempting to do these repairs yourself. I love this type of door services. I can give you peace of mind taking care of these door repairs for you. Call us today to schedule your door repairs.