Hardware Installs

Guide to Door hardware Installs

It sure can be  overwhelming selecting the right door hardware to install for anyone – there are so many different types and manufactures out there, from different knob sets and levers and mortise locks, not to mention deadbolt sets and latches. So how can you figure out which one you need? The best place to start is to learn about what benefits they have and what makes each type of door lock different. From there, it’s as easy as selecting the one that best meets your needs in terms of function, appearance and security.

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What are the Options?

Priprivacy lock installedvacy Sets:
 This door hardware is cylindrical lock set that is used on bed room and bathroom interior doors.
They fit into a pre-drilled hole in the door and can be locked with a simple or push-and-turn lock button. These are easily unlocked by inserting a key into the knob itself. The bolts on these lock sets don’t extend more than a 1/2″ into the door frame, and are not the securest of bolts. They do, however, remain a popular option because they are both inexpensive and simple to install. They can always be paired with deadbolts or latches in order to add an extra layer of security.

Keyed Entry Sets: These knob or lever latch-sets incorporate both a convenient handle and a matchinstall door hardware privacyng deadbolt for a complete front door handle. Many keyed entry sets are mounted on the same back plate
to provide a clean unified appearance on the front door.

entry door deadbolt install

Deadbolts: A deadbolt is a fundamental piece of door hardware if you are looking to add security to a door. It has a flat-ended bolt that extends a minimum of one inch into the door frame. A good deadbolt will have a low side profile, which helps prevent tampering. The most popular style is a single cylinder deadbolt, with a thumb turn latch on the inside.

Double Cylinder Deadbolts: A double cylinder deadbolt has the same functionality as a traditional deadbolt, but it is key operated on both sides of the door. These can add an extra level of security since there is no inside thumb-turn and a key is always required to open the lock. Usually these are used for entry doors that incorporate glass or ones situated with windows on either side. However, it should be noted that double cylinder deadbolts are restricted by fire code in most jurisdictions.

Mortise Lock Sets: Mortise locks are a different type of deadbolt that self contains all of the locking parts mortise lock installin a fully enclosed casing in the door edge. This type of lock is more secure than a traditional deadbolt, both
because of its structure, and because it’s installation style requires it to be encased in a drilled pocket in the door itself. However, due to the less common installation method, a mortise lock is best installed by a professional locksmith.

Other door knob types include passage knobs, which are functional door knobs that do not include locks, and dummy hardware, which is just for appearance and doesn’t feature any latching mechanism at all. Passage knobs are typically used on internal doors, while dummy knobs and handles are often found on French doors to provide a balanced appearance.