Drywall repairs in Las Vegas

Drywall repair in Las Vegas have you found someone you can count on? I specialize in Drywall Repair. I have 35+ years of experience in Drywall Repairs, no matter the cause, water damage, Drywall hole Repair, and surface cracks. I do all sorts of wall and ceiling drywall repairs. Tim Ward, Drywall repairs in Las Vegas NV

Let me introduce myself and my company. My name is Tim Ward owner of www.HomeRepairs.Vegas I have been serving busy working professionals like yourself who are looking for a contractor that is dependable and That you can count on for your drywall repairs. You will always get high quality craftsmanship, excellent communication and a professional experience from start to finish.

Water Damaged Drywall Ceilings and Walls

I  have a great team of drywall repair techs that ready to help you! Drywall Repairs in Las Vegas helps with water damaged drywall.

I’m Happy set up an appointment that works with your schedule, Most time with exchange of a few emails and photos I can give you and estimate for your drywall repairs within 24 hours.drywall repair in Las Vegas after drywall repair in Las Vegas

I will also set up a time when the drywall can be repaired that fits in your busy schedule. I can repair your water damaged drywall in a reasonable short time. I can, if requested, include your repainting estimate. Call HomeRepairs.Vegasl today for your free estimate.


Accidents Happen and Drywall repairs are needed.

Drywall repairs are needed, either from furniture moving or too many picture frames on a wall and opening a door too hard without having a door stop. No matter what type of drywall damage you have I can fix it and I guarantee my work. You will not pay a dime until you are 100% satisfied with the work.

Could be moving furniture is the causes for needing drywall hole repair. Heck, maybe your kid kicked in the drywall in a fit. I don’t care how your drywall got damaged I’m just happy to help and make that situation right the way you want it.